Friday, March 5, 2010

Dragonica Philippines

Have you seen it? It's going to be published by e-Games! Our prayers has been answered!

The forum board is now OPEN!

Cool huh? ^___^

And of course, the official website was also super cute!!!

Can't wait for the CBT! ^______________^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Petition for Dragonica PH Server!

Hello again Dragonica Adiks!

My friends is now starting a petition to get Dragonica here in the Philippines! And to help us out, do answer this survey so that they can push this project!

Answer the Online Survey for Dragonica PH!!!

Thank you for answering!!! ^_^v

Dragonica Online Philippines Server Please!

Hi! I just started this blog to dedicate to Dragonica Online, and hopefully it'll be published here in the Philippines.

It's not that I mind playing with the other players in other countries (in fact I enjoy playing with them because they do help me out a lot) however, it won't be bad having one here in the Philippines too. ^_^

I was searching thru the Internet and even asking a few Pinoy guilds in Dragonica SEA whether there will be a Philippines server - and most of them gave me hints, clues and some rumors as to who will be releasing this game.

I found this game last 2007 on Alpha Test and CBT last February this year.

To those who haven't played this game yet, see this cute videos:

Do give your shoutouts here!

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